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Review of the High Tide Waterfowl Roosting and Foraging sites on the Humber Estuary
Raster Charts
The Coastal Caves of Torbay
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Marine Conservation Zones (England)
Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) Fal Oyster (Ostrea edulis) Survey
SEPA 161005, Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd, Lyrawa Bay Marine Fin Fish Farm, visual sea bed monitoring
2009 Defra MB0102 2C Distribution of Sabellaria alveolata reefs (from polygon data) in the UK and Isle of Man
1990 University of Southampton, Studland Bay, benthic dive and core survey
SEPA 120604, Hjaltland Seafarms Ltd, Poolteil Fin Fish Farm, visual sea bed monitoring
1845-1855 Guernsey Okenia elegans observation
1885 Isles of Scilly Mollusc Shells
1895 Allen Plymouth Eddystone reef benthic community
1900 Salcombe estuary faunal observations
1899-1903 Isles of Scilly Pelagic and Shore Fauna
Worsford, T. (2001) North Lincolnshire Coast Survey of Potential Saline Lagoons. Final Report. Unicomarine.
Seaton (2001) Survey Humberston Fitties Lagoon.
2008 Natural England Humber Subtidal Sandbanks survey
1919 Eddystone Lighthouse Palinurus vulgaris collection
1911-1921 Inshore Otter trawl survey
1924 Fal estuary oyster bed survey
1935 Firth of Forth Tenellia adspersa record
1940 Saltdean beach Sussex Gammarus (Pectenogammarus) planicrurus observation
1938-1941 Cole, HA Essex Estuary Urosalpinx cinerea records
1939-1946 Southern Isle of Man Amphipoda records
1949-1950 Cumbrian coast bottom fauna and food of flatfish
1949 Queen Mary University North Kent coast occurrence of Clymenella torquata
1946-1950 Southern Isle of Man bottom fauna survey
1948-1950 Lundy Harvey Corallina turf data
1948-1950 Lundy Harvey holdfast data
1947-1951 Lundy Harvey Marine life data
1951 Isles of Scilly Occurence of Asparagopsis armata
1949-1952 Norfolk amphiphod survey
1952-1953 Port Erin Isle of Man Fauna of a muddy sand deposit
1800-1954 Fauna of Strangford Lough and neighbouring coasts
1939-1954 Scotland spiny lobsters surveys
1953-1955 Kent, Essex, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Ostrea edulis survey
1938-1956 Powell Distribution of Fucus distichus in the British Isles
1955-1956 Sublittoral algal populations in Port Erin Bay, Isle of Man
1956 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora collections
1833-1957 The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (MBA) Plymouth Marine Fauna (PMF) records from various sources
1956-1957 Isles of Scilly Marine flora and fauna collections
1956-1957 Isle of Man scallop mark-recapture data
1956-1957 Scotland rare marine invertebrate surveys
1957 Isles of Scilly Lanthina janthina
1999 Elbrachter, M. North Sea Heterosigma akashiwo records
1959 Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) L5 buoy culture collection Heterosigma akashiwo records
1959 Isles of Scilly Interstitial copepods
2009 Defra MB0102 2B Distribution of Haliclystus auricula in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man
1987 Wells and Carlisle Plymouth and Solent Marine Strategy Framework Directive Styela clava records
1962 Markowski Cavendish Dock Acartia tonsa and Ficopomatus enigmaticus records
1961 Essex, Dorset, Cornwall observations on the fertility of the oyster (Ostrea edulis)
2009 Defra MB0102 2C Distribution of mud habitats in deep water (from point data) in the United Kingdom and Isle of Man
1957-1961 Scotland rare marine invertebrate survey
1964 Stubbings and Houghton Solent records of Styela clava
1961-1962 Fal estuary Ostrea edulis collection
1960-1970 Barnes, RSK and Coughlan, J Blackwater Estuary Bottom Fauna Dredge Survey
1961 - 64 Michael Tynen littoral Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta) of Anglesey and the Menai Strait species records
1964-1965 Isles of Scilly University of London Sub-Aqua Club expedition
1965 Brighton to Deal beach survey
1903-1966 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora: Crustacea: Copepoda and Harpacticoida
1874-1966 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora: Ostracoda
1966 Isles of Scilly marine flora and fauna observations: Crustacea and Eucarida
1967 Fauna of the Clyde Sea Area: Crustacea: Euphausiacea and Decapoda
1967 Isles of Scilly new and rare Copepoda and Harpacticoida
1967 Isles of Scilly underwater observations of the vertical distribution of algae
1967 Isles of Scilly list of marine algae
1904-1968 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora: Echinodermata
1951-1968 Durham University South West England and Isles of Scilly Laminaria ochroleuca distribution records
1966-1968 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Cnidaria and Ctenophora
1968 Isles of Scilly Spirorbis species survey
1969 northeast coast kelp holdfast data
1966-1969 T.G. Skinner Solway Firth Occurrence of some prominent zooplankton
1957-1969 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora: Enteropneusta, Ascidiacea, Thalacea, Larvacea and Cephalochorda
1969 Isles of Scilly Marine flora and faun: The islands and their ecology
1969 Brodie et al. Portsmouth Area Grateloupia turuturu record
1961-1970 Duckpool, north Cornwall Sabellaria survey
1970 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Foraminifera
1971 Solent preliminary survey of macroscopic bottom fauna
1965-1971 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Pycnogonida
1971 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Bryozoa and Entoprocta
1971 Kent, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall Polydora and Ostrea edulis investigation
1949-1972 Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA) Sarsia Otter Trawl Survey
1965-1972 Variation in the shell of the dog-whelk Nucella lapillus: Pembrokeshire
1972 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Polychaeta
1972 Diving survey of Strangford Lough: The benthic communities and their relation to substrate
1971-1973 Duckpool, North Cornwall Sabellaria survey
1972-73 Holme Drakes Island, Queener Point, Renney Rocks and Holme Mewstone Plymouth littoral monitoring
1972-1973 Bristol Channel sublittoral macrofaunal survey
1974 Biological Conservation. Isles of Scilly and Cornwall. Population survey of Grey seal (Halichoerus grypus).
1971-1973 Isles of Scilly Marine fauna and flora Bryozoa II
1973 Isles of Scilly Halichoerus grypus
1973 Solent oyster ground survey
1984 University of Virginia Cornwall Foraminifera and meiofauna on an intertidal mudflat Core survey
1848-1974 Lundy Field Society The Marine Fauna of Lundy Coelenterata
1974 Restronguet Creek oyster collection